Check out our Drag'n'Drop Stage Plotting & Soundboard Input service!

There are AWESOME features! Our Stage Plotting service has a free sandbox version so you can try it out before you decide if you'd like to purchase the paid-subscription version.

  • IMPORTANT: Our Stage Plotting service has NOT been tested on all browsers and operating systems. Some features MAY NOT work for you. Test thoroughly before you purchase a subscription!

♣ Why Stage Plotting is BETTER ONLINE

  • Access your stage plots from anywhere with an internet device and a compatible browser / operating system
  • If you set up a group account, everyone in your organization can get copies of your stage plots whenever they need them
  • Your stage plots are stored on our webserver which is backed up every night
  • All updates and new features are available instantaneously - no need to download them to your device
  • And in OUR case, we have…
  • fully integrated soundboards & channel assignments!
  • fully integrated mixes & monitors!
  • fully integrated input lists & equipment lists!

♣ What does the FREE SANDBOX version do?

* These features are available without even Logging-In at Thirteen of Clubs

  • Create named stage plots, multiple soundboards & channels
  • All equipment toolbars
  • Assign equipment to soundboards & channels
  • Full drag & drop functionality
  • Right-click features including positioning, sizing, and rotation
  • Test your browser's ability to handle our PDF creation & download system (including soundboard input lists & equipment lists) (doesn't show equipment images though)
  • ** BUT **
  • Although you can preview or create a PDF, it will NOT show the equipment images
  • ** AND **
  • You CAN'T save your work

♣ What does the PAID-SUBSCRIPTION version do?

  • Includes everything that the free sandbox version has plus the following items
  • Save your stage plots, soundboards, and input lists so you can re-open them later to edit or download as PDFs.
  • Preview & download finished stage plots as PDF files complete with equipment images

* To access these features, you must have a paid, confirmed, and un-expired Stage Plotting subscription, AND you must be logged-in to your (otherwise free) Thirteen of Clubs account.

♣ What's in NEITHER version?

Mostly, the things that would make you (and us) a little bit crazy…

  • A jigajillion icons for "props". We have only one - on the "set pieces" toolbar. You can name each copy you place on the stage anything you want by going to the equipment list and naming it under "description".
  • Lighting. We may do more about lighting in the future but, for now we are avoiding too many icons. If you must have some lighting we suggest, for the short term, using the "other instruments" toolbar, selecting the question-mark-icon, and adding your lighting info to "description" in the equipment list.

Use the Help Menu on the Design / Edit page - see the item "Equipment Toolbar" - for more details.

How to obtain the paid-subscription version

* ALERT: thoroughly test our Stage Plotting service on your device with the browser you intend to use BEFORE subscribing!

  • You will be asked to Login when you're ready to make payment. If you don't already have an account with us, it's a good idea to create one before you start.
  • Go to our shopping page ("Buy Stuff")
  • Find "Stage Plotting Service"
  • Choose the subscription you want
  • Click "View Cart", then "Checkout", then "Pay Now"
  • As soon as we receive confirmation of funds the Stage Plotting service will be activated on your account.

♣ Methods of Payment

At the moment, PayPal handles all of our online transactions.

BUT, even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card or your debit card at PayPal without opening a PayPal account.

You can use any one of the following methods of payment…

  • Major Credit / Debit Cards
  • PayPal Account

♣ Things to Know

♣ Access to paid-subscription features…

If you have purchased the paid-subscription and you notice some features aren't available, check the following:
  • Make sure you are logged in using the account you used to make the purchase.
  • Make sure your subscription has not expired.
  • If neither of the above seems to be the problem, please contact us during regular business hours.

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