Three steps to book acts from Thirteen of Clubs

♣ 1. Provide a description of each event for which you want entertainment

Click here: "Get a Firm Quote", OR Email us, OR upload your event synopsis on this website

  • Location(s)
  • Date(s) & Time(s)
  • Purpose of each event

♣ 2. View the recommended act(s)

Screen each act and tell us what you like and don't like

  • Evaluate each act's ability to help you achieve the goal or purpose of your event(s)
  • Evaluate the costs & benefits
  • Select one or more acts or ask to screen more

♣ 3. Order up the act(s) - we'll take it from there

Tell us exactly what you want, when, and where. THEN:

  • We'll handle the paperwork
  • We'll handle the payroll and 1099s
  • We'll manage all the details until each performance is completed
  • We'll follow-up with you to continually improve our services


You can estimate cost for a LOCAL act by clicking here :
♣ Single- or Multiple-booking Performance Cost Estimator (discounts for multiple bookings)


You can request a CONFIRMED quote for any act (local, regional , national, or international) by clicking here :
♣ Get Confirmed Quote
or by phoning or emailing us.

♣ Senior Facilities

♣ Performers tailored specifically for senior facilities

  • We have soloists & duos within the budget of most senior facilities.
  • Depending on your budget, some of our trios and larger groups may also be a good fit for you.

♣ Performance Rights Licensing

  • You may or may not need to obtain a license from one or more Performance Rights Organizations
  • Click here for info at Care Connection
  • Click here for info at McKnights Senior Living

♣ Things to Know

♣ Not all acts are created equal

Different acts produce different results
  • Some acts can improve food & beverage sales
  • Some acts can create repeat business for your venue
  • Some acts cost more or less than others

♣ Help your entertainment get better results

Let each act get and keep the audience's attention to encourage staying in your venue longer
  • Provide plenty of room for the act to move
  • Lower the house lights so the performance area becomes the main or only focal point
  • Avoid having more than one entertainment at a time (two or more divides the audience's attention)

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