Four steps to get booked through Thirteen of Clubs

♣ 1. Prepare for a change in marketing methods

It will be different from what you've been doing up until now
  • We don't usually use your existing promo material
  • It will require some initial effort on your part
  • We do NOT charge a fee to create an EPK (electronic promo kit) of your act
  • Be open to change in all areas EXCEPT your music

♣ 2.Provide sample media of your act including whatever you may have

Media should be in digital form - upload on this website when you're logged in with your (free) Artist account
  • Audio
  • Photograpy
  • Video

♣ 3. Interview us

Ask us questions - we'll ask you some too
  • Get to know us and how things work
  • Discover the earnings potential
  • Learn about the benefits of representation
  • Find out how to take your act to the next level

♣ 4. If you like us, and if we like you…

We will create an EPK that we'll use to get you bookings - we'll need:
  • As much digital photography as you can provide
  • As much digital audio as you can provide
  • Possibly some video if you have any
  • Sometimes we ask you to create additional photos or audio
  • If you want help obtaining recording-studio and photography services, just ask

♣ Things to Know

♣ Earnings depend on which market(s) you perform in.

  • There are both daytime and evening gigs
  • Some gigs are close to home - some require travel
  • Some gigs are short - some are long

♣ You get more bookings when we know your schedule in advance - let us know about the following:

  • Your usual available days of the week and time slots
  • Your time-off periods (holidays, etc.)
  • When you are otherwise busy (e.g. when you already have gigs booked)

♣ Flexibility gets more gigs. The following helps:

  • Date & time availability
  • Act scaleablility (single, duo, trio, etc.)
  • Gear sized for the venue (smaller gear for smaller venues - larger gear for larger venues)

♣ Contact us

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